Death To Savings Accounts

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6 min readJul 30, 2021


How token distribution will help you achieve your financial goals

After achieving a historical first-ever in the Cryptoverse, Bishu Finance, the community rescue operation — turned DeFi team, have transformed their once bleeding token into a distribution token that rewards those who hold, and has created a robin hood effect on those trying to make use of underhanded trading tactics.

After doing more than 10x on it’s initial launch, the project has now settled in at just under $1m in market cap, rendering it a token with tremendous potential for return on investment via “compounding interest”. Although, the mechanisms of this token far exceed your traditional methods of compounding interest.

For the uninitiated, bots, whales and serial dumpers, have managed to manipulate price on a multitude of tokens. Blowing the winds of favour in their direction , in order to obtain a series of small profits. They then accumulate these small profits, and end up buying in lower after a serious bout of repeating this process. For the average holder, this can become quite disheartening — as it leads to price manipulation and does not allow for organic growth.

Hence, Bishu Finance makes use of its built in price impact, anti volatility protection system, affectionately dubbed “Nio” - The gatekeeper of the temple that is Bishu Finance. Holders can now feel safe as sells will not tremendously hurt price, but multiple sells will be distributed back to holders, and they can enjoy the lions share of rewards, in the event of multiple sells.

The idea is to encourage holding and rewarding those who do, by creating the opportunity for them to earn a passive income at higher market cap levels. For those who subscribe to traditional savings and investment models created by old banking systems — simply buying and holding will allow you to generate interest based on the overall activity of the market on a given day. Whilst you may not have a set interest rate, and market conditions determine the overall state of your investment — the ROI is one that cannot be found in TradFi models, as they often represent a lower risk investment for those unwilling to endure.

With the above distribution yields, a holder who would DCA into their investment, would see a comfortable ROI which will contribute to generating a passive income, and they would be able to live off of the distribution tax.

The interest accumulated is mainly based on trading volume and the amount of times people sell within the day.

Case Study Example:

One of our larger holder wallets with around 13B in BishuFi tokens shared his gains after the first launch day.

Based on a sales volume of 90–100k on the first day and his holdings of 13B, he gained around 25M BishuFi Tokens on launch day. As of the time of this writing (830K Marketcap), 25M BishuFi tokens is worth $20 usd. At first, it doesn’t seem like much, however as the market cap rises, the numbers become far more impressive.

Calculations by Market Cap based on value of 25M BishuFi Tokens

830K MC = $20

5M MC= $120

10M MC = $240

20M MC = $480

30M MC = $720

40M MC = $960

50M MC = $1,200

100M MC = $2400

150M MC = $3600

250M MC = $6,000

500M MC = $12,000

1B MC = $24,000

These calculations are based the percentages gained off of his 13B in holdings, and the trading volume of 90-100k on the launch day. We will be writing future articles on further case studies for different holder amounts of all kinds.

It seems unreasonable to TradFi maximalists, who believe that the yield generated from measures such as distribution tax and staking are nothing more than a meme, but the numbers speak for themselves. Tell that to those earning good rewards and bold enough to not touch their investments.

Whilst simple saving accounts, retirement annuities, investment funds and all the “solutions” shilled by brokers may have promised a steady road to financial well being, the truth is that these don’t even provide for enough to firmly secure your financial future or ensure a comfortable retirement. They may have worked for generations before us, when there were less commodities, shares and assets being traded, when a kilogram of Angus Beef didn’t cost as much as 3/4 of a pair of Air Force Ones.

Newer generations need to adapt to a time where the world can see financial collapse in an instant — pandemics, natural disasters, global catastrophes; it’s a matter of time until we realize that TradFi methodologies are the dead horse that we have been flogging, simply because there is too much tied up in them to disregard them, and because an entire industry of middle men has made their livelihoods on selling these products to the uninformed — it’s shilling, but only from guys with MBA’s, Suits and the gift of the gab.

Bishu Finance is born out of the school of thought that financial savings and investment vehicles need to adapt, in the same manner that fintech, and other forms of technology are. Seeing that these systems adapt creates the financial freedom necessary for the human spirit.

Financial freedom is the key to being able to live your life as a human being that does not live to spend there days grinding away, working jobs we hate, for people we don’t like, creating wealth for others and neglecting the things that truly make them happy. If we do not see to these advancements and find ways for them to reach adoption, we will leave a good couple of generations stranded with a fiat-centric mentality, for a world in which fiat is running out of oxygen, and credibility amongst its future decision makers and consumers.

People want to save with ease, transact seamlessly, and not have to walk around with a strip club sized wad of cash or pockets jingling with enough coins to win all the teddy bears in the fair.

We at Bishu Finance understand that there is a need for an evolution, in thought and process. The innovation has taken place, the technology available — it is now in the hands of users to wet their feet before they can swim, and realize that cryptocurrency tokens are representative of a necessary evolution in a process that Fiat and TradFi maximalists are clinging to, just like those that still think fossil fuels or the vehicles and enterprises powered by them, will never go away. No right minded industry is going to turn its back on what it has been profiting from for decades. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s the most optimal, and as we tread the path of sustainability, it becomes increasingly apparent that finance doesn’t have to be something that is daunting; investment savings accounts don’t have to take a minimum of 3 years to mature. Distribution helps everyone around you gain wealth whilst adding to your wallet.

Finance should be for the people and by the people, making yourself gain, whilst helping fellow holders to attain good fortune. There is an increasing need to create a collaborative culture that is not based on greed and profit gain, in order to outclass those around you. Rather, when like minded holders come together, to achieve their financial goals, like a family or a tribe. The end result is an outstanding win that will secure the future of generations to come. How do you start? Purchase Bishu Finance tokens of course!

Whether you are a short term investor, looking for a quick gain, or a long term investor, Who is willing to endure time and the markets, in order to reach his/her financial goals — Bishu Finance offers an alternative to TradFi, and is set to bring to the greater public, a range of solutions, protocols and consulting services that aim to change the way we view and understand personal finances and the management thereof.

Take charge of your financial well-being and start your journey into Decentralized Finance and alternative financial protocols with Bishu Finance.

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